About Blackburn Promotional Marketing:

Our mission is to help businesses succeed by improving marketplace visibility and build brand equity through the strategic use of the many marketing tools we offer.

What separates us from our competition is our experience. Most printing companies are focused on printing and will sell promotional products on the side as a value-added service. Most promotional product companies lack expertise in the commercial printing process. Blackburn Promotional Marketing has over twenty years of experience in offset, digital, web printing, and mailing services. Plus, we have over ten years’ experience with promotional products, apparel, and decorating. We also offer Social Media Marketing services and are a Certified Google Advertising Counselor. Add all these characteristics up, and you will find one company with extensive knowledge and network to provide any size business with everything needed to get your message to the marketplace.


Meet the team:


Rodney has worked in the commercial printing industry since 1996. He has a great deal of experience in offset, web, and digital printing. In 2009 he started offering clients promotional products and apparel. For over twenty years, Rodney has experience in all facets of marketing ranging from print, promotional items, apparel, billboards, signage, radio commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, television, and social media. 

Rodney’s hobbies include US History (especially president biographies), camping, fishing, spending time with family. He also enjoys Cleveland sports teams and visiting Disney Parks (as often as the budget will allow).


Susan is the newest addition to the Blackburn Promotional Marketing team, joining in 2019.  With a background in the field of education, she has strong organizational and communication skills which compliment Rodney's broad knowledge of the industry. She particularly enjoys taking photos of finished products, as well as managing the company's social media accounts.

Susan's hobbies include: spending time with family & friends, eating chocolate, reading non-fiction books, listening to various podcasts, traveling, and visiting the Disney Parks.


Luna joined the team in late 2018, claiming she sticks around only for the benefits.  Her best business trait she brings to Blackburn Promotional Marketing is her unwavering ability to keep all client matters strictly confidential, never disclosing any trade secrets.  Her idea of being a working girl involves begging for whatever her little heart desires,  gazing out of the window, going outside for loads of breaks, and napping on the job.  She was written up for stealing from the company on numerous occasions, but no further ligation ensued.

Her hobbies include but are not limited to: being a sloppy drinker, searching the property for furry intruders,  and cuddling with her favorite bricks.